Generation Farms offers integrative healing opportunities through
wellness programs, horsemanship, nature, and professional training.

Sorry - Drop in visits are not possible due to the confidentiality of our programs. There is no administration office on site. Email works best.   Thank you for supporting this request!


Generation Farms is well known for our work with horses and people to create healing opportunities. Many children come to Generation Farms for counselling and support. People come from across Canada to learn the Generation Farms Approach. What may not be well known is that our work is not just with horses. As we move into our 20th year of programs we have developed diverse skills and expertise. Here is a short list of things to know about Generation Farms:


  • We are fortunate to have a very skilled multi-disciplinary team.
  • All of our staff have training in the Generation Farms Approach and follow the same principles. How they are applied depends on the specialty being offered.
  • We have trauma specialists, a nature-based practitioner, EMDR therapists, somatically trained therapists and Art therapists as well as equine specialists in our team. All our counselling staff have their MA or MSW and our Youth Workers have a minimum of BA level.
  • While we do some long term work with children, our adult counselling is generally short term. A series of EFW and nature based sessions can be effective and also combine well with other longer term therapy approaches.


  • We have students across Canada who have learned the Generation Farm Approach and are working in a refined way with people and horses.
  • Training is scheduled every summer with mentoring continuing in the winter months. Go to
  • Training includes Equine Professionals, Mental Health Professionals and Learning Professionals together in a rich learning environment.
  • We are affiliated with the Professional Assocation for Equine Facilitated Wellness.
  • We also have an interest in offering professional training in working with trauma, and in nature based approaches. Check back!


  • These approaches are dear to our heart and thrive in our 33-acre facility in beautiful Yellow Point on Vancouver Island. It is not just farmland but includes forest and other areas to explore.
  • This growing field offers solutions to many of the challenges in our busy lives as well as forming an opportunity to support natural healing.
  • The philosophy and core principles are conducive to our EFW approach.


  • Our reputation for working well with trauma comes from using an approach that creates the possiblity of change on a neural level. Present moment focus, working incrementally within a Window of Tolerance, and awareness of the body and the senses are major components of our trauma therapy.
  • Our work is refined in the important areas of attachment healing and attunement.
  • Working outside in nature has a strong helpful impact on healing.
  • Our entire staff has expertise in what could be called a ‘trauma informed’ approach that was developed prior to that term becoming in general use.


  • Our coaches are trained in the same core principles as our counsellors and they use this expertise to create safe and healthy programs
  • We have a dressage coach who specializes in working in relationship with your horse, rider position and effectiveness in a unique and encouraging approach. We have well trained school horses for those who want to relearn and grow. You can also bring your own horse.
  • Our riding lesson program is small and we generally have a wait list for beginner riders.
  • Therapeutic Riding is not our specialty. For that please contact one of the local programs with that focus.




Simple experiences can be naturally therapeutic.


There is calm at Generation Farms. Time to pause and to listen to the eagles and the wind in the trees. In this tranquil environment people come to rediscover their natural ability to heal and to experience themselves at their best.Some come to Generation Farms for the recreational benefits of riding and connecting with horses. Others come to heal deep trauma, improve relationships or develop confidence. A strong base of common values and consistent philosophy runs through all programs based on principles of connection and self-regulation.

There is a need for programs for people who do prefer or benefit from an alternative to traditional approaches. Our well-trained and experienced professional staff have chosen to use their talents to work in this organically healing way.


As the days grow longer our garden is being prepped and the hens are laying! 

2020 Training dates are now up on the Workshop page and Training page

Update March 18. Circumstances have led us to made the difficult decision to close down the farm to the public for the near future. We will continue to keep you up to date. 

COVID-19 Response – Go outside in nature is the advice from BC’s Provincial Health Officer as the virus escalates in BC. There are many places on Vancouver Island where that is possible away from crowds of people. Do take advantage of that. Safely. On Vancouver island we are so fortunate to have many opportunities to be in nature without crowds. 

Upcoming Training – We are committed to offering Explorations scheduled for May 30 & 31 in some fashion. It is clear that we will not be able to meet in person.  We are planning options that include the important experiential and learning aspects through internet classroom, group discussions and things to do. This is challenging our creativity while we stay with the principles that are important to us. We will need to reschedule the experiential part of the program until things are safe. Check back or email.

For all training participants - we will follow the recommended Public Health standards with an additional measure of care. Consider all programs to be on hold until confirmed.

We are exploring options for people to make a start on their training experience online with experiential rescheduled. We would really like students to be able to start the learning process and not lose their year.

Equine Professionals and Coaches

We have an interest in supporting coaches to integrate EFW principles into your work. We hear from many coaches that they are discouraged with the demands on the horses of  riding programs. We have two EFW Equine Professionals on our team and welcome coaches to train alongside the Learning and Mental Health professionals to explore new ways of working with their horses.

Intervention Canada came to Generation Farms. See a short video played through Facebook


See the Globe and Mail story  "A horse named Fira helped me heal from emotional trauma" by Rebecca Garber about her experience at Generation Farms. It is in our NEWS section or follow the link.

What is Equine Facilitated Wellness?

Horses have a powerful role in assisting people in feeling alive in their lives. Horses live in the present moment, highly aware of their surroundings, without the ability to ruminate about the past or worry about the future. They fully use all of their senses, including their ability to read the inner state of another. They are social and respond warmly to humans who are in touch with their emotions. Their attentiveness to the present state of a human has the capacity to heal old wounds through the bond of connection in the here and now.  Read More... 

Program feature

This Shaw TV segment features Generation Farms.

This sequence is about our Equine Facilitated Wellness programs in Nanaimo. Listen to Emily Pelletier explain about horses and how they help. A teenager and her mother are featured along with views of our horses and staff doing their special work.


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