Generation Farms offers integrative healing opportunities through
wellness programs, horsemanship, nature and professional training.

Staff Bios

Deborah Marshall, MA RCC

Registered Clinical Counsellor 
Eponaquest Advanced Facilitator
EFW Canada Certified Trainer, Mentor and Practitioner
Certified in EquiLateral - The Equine Assisted EMDR

Change and growth do not have to be painful. I always look to how a person can reconnect with things that are positive and healing, and to the possibilities of developing new resources.

In private practice since 1988, I have both a professional office based practice at Marshall and Associates as well as a farm-based practice at Generation Farms. This combination allows for many possibilities in treatment.

I am interested in approaches that create change beyond talk therapy. Specialties include:

  • EMDR (Certified by EMDRIA)
  • Certified in EquiLateral: Equine Assisted EMDR
  • Somatic Therapy
  • Equine Facilitated Psychotherapy (EFW Canada Certified Practitioner, Mentor, Trainer)
  • Brainwave Optimization (Certified Masters 3 with Brainstate Technologies)
  • Resolving trauma
  • Group work with addictions
  • Group therapy

Adding horses to my practice in 2000 allowed the horses to work their own simple magic to help people recover themselves. My work is innovative and flexible as I combine the effectiveness of EMDR, Somatic Psychology, mindfulness, and other methods with the power of horses.

After initial training with EAGALA, I explored the combination of psychotherapy and horses. Study with Linda Kohanov at the Epona Center in Arizona was life changing. This powerful and heart-centred approach has opened many new doors and continues to inform my work. I became an Eponaquest Advanced Instructor in 2006.

In the Nanaimo office of Marshall and Associates, I continue to support my colleagues in our group practice, and to see clients and work with organizations. Treating the effects of trauma became my specialty. People with depression, anxiety, loss, burnout, adjustment to disability and brain injury are all in my area of expertise. Years of Employee Assistance Programs and workplace interventions have given me experience in the workplace and corporate world. 

Deborah is a Registered Clinical Counsellor with the British Columbia Association of Clinical Counsellors (#636)


Emily Pelletier MA
EC Level One Coach
MA in Counselling Psychology with a specialization in Equine Assisted Mental Health

 Emily has been working in the field of Equine Facilitated Wellness (EFW) since 2000. She has a Master's degree in Counselling Psychology with a specialization in Equine Assisted Mental Health from Prescott College in Arizona (2009). As co-founder of the Generation Farms programs, Emily has helped create EFW programs including the HorseEmPower youth program, personal development workshops, group addictions treatment, and professional trainings

Emily has a particular interest in working with:

  • Empowerment
  • Parenting
  • Attachment
  • Trauma
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Addiction
  • High-risk youth
  • Highly sensitive clients

Emily brings a thorough understanding of the nervous system and trauma theory to her work and engages the help of the horses to encourage clients to learn body awareness, present moment focus and emotional congruence. She appreciates that a natural setting involving animals makes somatic work accessible to all of her clients. Something that inspires her is the way in which clients become their best selves when in relationship with horses, nature and themselves. Emily has a highly-developed sense of the interrelationship between humans and horses and she is passionate about the healing possibilities and learning opportunities this contains.

A life-long horse person, Emily is a certified Equine Canada riding instructor and has been teaching riding and horsemanship for over 15 years. She has been working with children and youth in EFW programs since 2003.

Emily will soon be dually certified as a Mental Health Professional/Equine Professional and as a Mentor through the National Association for Equine Facilitated Wellness. She is also a Certified Simplicity Parenting coach. Emily has enjoyed mentoring practicum students through VIU's Child and Youth Care program, of which she is a graduate. 


Kate Burns MSW Registered Social Worker
EFW Canada Certified Mental Health Practitioner and Mentor

Certified Hakomi Practitioner

After completing training in Equine Facilitated Wellness (EFW) I joined the Generation Farm team in 2008 and have been a part of the team ever since. Each year, without fail, I experience a deeper appreciation for the innate wisdom and attunement Generation Farm horses bring to their relationships and how that calls forth the same from the people that come here. I am privileged to be able to offer this kind of opportunity to others who are looking for alternative ways to heal, grow and/or deepen their relationships with self, others, and the earth.

The horses have taught me much about working with each person in a collaborative and relational way. I combine those teachings with what I like to call dynamic mindfulness and a strength-based focus. Since becoming a part of the Generation Farm team I have enjoyed contributing to the development and facilitation of a variety of EFW workshops, trainings and counselling. Repeatedly, I've seen how, the very challenges that might bring people to Generation Farms, in time, lead them toward discovering strengths and resources either previously unrecognized or not fully tapped. I am now the owner of Annie, the pony mare who taught me so much along the way and will continue to be my therapy partner.

While I continue to develop my equine skills, with the help of many good teachers - horses and humans - I also offer a nature-based approach as a compliment to working in the field of equine facilitated wellness. 

The nature-based practices are relational processes that are inclusive, experiential, present moment focused and, wherever possible, integrative. They can open a bigger perspective and deepen our interconnections with the rest of nature; linking our own well-being with that of the planet. You may find these approaches helpful if you are navigating life transitions and looking for clarity or if you are feeling:

  • Attention exhaustion;
  • Overwhelmed, perhaps by trauma or events or pressures within your family, workplace or organization;
  • Relational challenges;
  • Fear, paralysis, or numbness about the health of the earth;
  • World weariness;
  • A sense of being stuck, shut down, or lost.

I draw from other approaches and experiences including Hakomi (certified practitioner), self-regulation, sensory and somatic theory.

I am a Registered Social Worker in the British Columbia College of Social Workers and have a Masters Degree in Social Work.d practices;experiential and adult learning principles and more than 25 years in the field of social work - counselling individuals, facilitating groups and workshops, or teaching adults.


 Kerry Moon BA CYC - Youth and Family Worker

Kerry has had a long association with Generation Farms and is now employed as our Youth Worker. Kerry has extensive experience in working with children, youth and families, including both community and residential programs . She has a strong focus on support for addiction and substance misuse issues. While working at Cedars Cobble Hill Treatment Centre Kerry brought patients to Generation Farms to attend our therapeutic program. She fell in love with the EFW way of working with horses and people and was drawn to learn more. An avid student of horsemanship she is now able to combine her experience working together with people and horses. Kerry is passionate about helping people. Kerry is also working towards her MA in Counselling Psychology. 


Sophie Limer - Co-Manager Horse Care; Riding and Horsemanship Coach

Sophie returned to work at Generation Farms after a year of travelling and working outside the horse industry. She is back and committed to the profession of horses. Sophie has a strong and calm manner with horses. She is well versed in the Generation Farms Approach and is close to completing her EFW Canada certification as an equine professional. Sophie is also expanding her knowledge by studying with Alexa Linton and is a student at the BC College of Equine Therapy in Vernon. She is available for riding and horsemanship lessons.





 Katy Scoones MA - Art Therapist and EFW Mental Health Practitioner

Katy is a member of the Generation Farms Mental Health team. Her specialty is working with children with an expressive arts approach.  
She is interested in addressing complex trauma and her range of study is diverse.  She is also part of the Generation Farms equine program offered to patients from Cedars Cobblehill Treatment Centre.
In her work she regularly makes use of a combination of Art Therapy, Equine Facilitated Wellness, Play and Sand Tray modalities. Katy is very close to completing her EFW-CAN certification as a Mental HealtIh pracitioner. Katy travels from Victoria to work at Generaton Farms in order to follow her dream of working in an Equine Facilitated Wellness facility. She has a private practice in Victoria and also works with the children and families of the Esquimalt Nation.

Deni Driver BA CYC

Deni is part of our CLBC Community Inclusion staff offering support to individuals in the community and at Generation Farms.

She has worked at Generation Farms since 2015, learning and growing her skills working with individuals and exploring the unique relationships that we can have with our environment and animals.

Deni holds a Child and Youth Care degree from Vancouver Island University. Throughout her studies she always had an interest in working with a nature based approach. She has taken coursework on Animal Assisted Interventions, Disability Issues and Facilitating Group Work. She is also studying Equine Facilitated Wellness at Generation Farms. Her activity based focus is a good fit with the work at the farm. Deni believes that the importance of relationships and a sense of belonging within your community have a large impact of the emotional growth and develppment of an individual. 


Sarah Schmidt  Co-Manager Horse Care

We are very pleased to welcome Sarah to join our group. She is a life long horsewoman with deep knowledge about the care and wellbeing of horses. Sarah also has a diverse background in the arts, non-profits, administration, recycling and more. Sarah's primary job is managing the care of the horses which she approaches with dedication and enthusiasm. She will be starting a regular Stable Management Program for our riders.


Naomi Irving 

Naomi has gone back to school to pursue a new career. We wish her well! She will still be seen at Generation Farms riding Aly and Ivy.


CLBC Community Inclusion Team

Since 2015 this group of skilled professionsal have provided specialized 1 - 1 and group programs for young adults through Community Living BC. We are very happy to be offering this special service. Our staff team includes Kara Brunt BEd and Deni Driver BA CYC.




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