Generation Farms offers integrative healing opportunities through
wellness programs, horsemanship, nature and professional training.

Mental Health and Addictions Programs for Adults

Why come to a farm for a mental health program?

  • If a natural setting is more appealing than a traditional office.
  • If you want to work with skilled and experienced counsellors who truly understand the process of supporting change.
  • If innovative therapies that are effective and go beyond talk appeal to you.
  • If you appreciate the possibility of working either in a comfortable spacious indoor space or outside in nature. 

All our counsellors are have Master's Degrees and follow the ethics of their professional associations.

Don't want to work with horses?

All of the counsellors at Generation Farms have the skills you would expect from a competent counsellor working in a regular office setting. In addition they have the flexibility and awareness of natural healing approaches that comes with their experience in nature and EFW counselling.

Generation Farms is appealing to counselling clients who prefer an environment more informal and natural than a professional office building provides. Deborah Marshall, Kate Burns and Emily Pelletier all offer counselling without working with horses.

The comfortable Tucson Room and the Gazebo office are warm inviting spaces, close to the outdoors but private and comfortable. In good weather sessions may be conducted outside if the client prefers.

Each counsellor has their own specialties and background but they bring the shared philosophy of all Generation Farms programs into their counselling work. They all have Master's Degrees and follow the ethics of their professional associations. Please see their bios for more details


Therapeutic Groups

Groups provide a rich atmosphere for change, especially when horses and the outdoors are the setting. Psychotherapy groups are offered several times a year by our counsellors and will be listed on the Workshops and Events page.

Public Workshops

Many workshops have been held over the years at Generation Farms. Leadership, personal development, understanding boundaries and healthy relationship have all been topics. You do not need to be a counselling client to attend these. They are not therapeutic groups. Sufficient emotional health to work in a group setting is required.

Deborah Marshall is an Advanced Eponaquest Facilitator. The Eponaquest Approach influences much of the equine work at Generation Farms. At least once per year Deborah and the team offer an Eponaquest workshop for the public.

Our other workshop offerings vary from year to year. Please check our Workshop and Events page for more information.



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