Generation Farms offers integrative healing opportunities through
wellness programs, horsemanship, nature and professional training.

News from Generation Farms in Nanaimo BC Canada


Staff updates

We have happy announcements to make about staff additions and updates! 
Sophie Limer: Sophie has rejoined the Generation Farms team as Co-manager of Horse Care. She is also teaching riding and horsemanship. Time away from horses and travel adventures helped her rediscover her passion for horses. She is studying with Alexa Linton and is a student in the Vernon based College of Equine Therapy. We are happy that Sophie is back with our team.
Kerry Moon: Kerry joined our group in the spring of 2017.  Kerry has been involved with Generation Farms for years, initially bringing Cedars Cobble Hill patients to Generation Farms for a regular day long program. After three years in this role Kerry has strong connection to the power of equine work having witnessed it up close. Kerry has a CYC degree and experience in many roles and jobs with children and adults. She will also assist with horse care and admin support. 
Sarah Schmidt: Sarah joined our team in August 2017. She brings her life long experience with horses to the Co-manager of Horse Care position. Her deep love of horses is evident in her organised and thoughtful approach to their care. Sarah will also be offering Stable Management experiences for our students and her love for crafting will find expression in "horsey craft"opportunities. We are very happy to welcome Sarah.
Joanne Schneider: Joanne is our cheerful hard worker horse care assistant. You will see Joanne dressed for the weather with a wheelbarrow and a smile. Her hard work keeps our facility looking great and our horses happy.
Heather Fischer: An Expressive Arts therapist with a long association with Generation Farms, Heather is joining the therapeutic team in April 2018. Her background working with children and youth will help keep our wait lists down and have more children receive help.

The rest of the team still includes Kate Burns, Katy Scoones, Deni DriverKara Brunt and Emily Pelletier.

Our volunteer community is expanding. Volunteering is available for a small group of our students. We look forward to supporting them as they enrich their lives with precious horse time and manure meditation. 
I am so happy to have a strong team. So much potential and skill. Thank you to everyone who continues to support our work, our horses and our team. 


Training 2017

It was a wonderful training year at Generation Farms. Six people completed Integration Week and are well on their way to certifying. We had twelve in our Explorations and Reflections trainings this year. People worked hard and dropped into the experience in a deep way. There are some wonderful EFW practitioners developing and we look forward to continuing to support them.


We moved!!

We aquired a beautiful property early in 2016 in the Yellow Point area just south of the City of Nanaimo. Generation Farms is now located at 3055 Quennell Road where there are 33 acres of rolling hills with pastures and cedar trees. We added a new large sand riding ring, treed paddocks and a sand round pen. The barn is being renovated with roomy grooming stalls and many ammenities.

The horses are happy in their new interesting fields. People are happy to travel through the lovely farm land and lakeside drive to reach our new facility. We are now more accessible for people from Ladysmith and south. 

We will update the Facilities page with new photographs soon. 




Shaw TV segment

Our local television station came to Generation Farms to film a segment about our programs.
Listen to Emily Pelletier explain about horses and how they help.
A teenager and her mother are featured along with views of our horses and staff doing their special work.




Willow Tree Greeting

Familiar faces first meet 
Comforting smells and sounds 
Honest and caring air

Floats into the soul 
Opens the heart 
And shows the eyes

The magic of beasts 
The thrill of growth 
The enchanting circle of friendship

To be held gently 
For you have just entered 
Generation Farms 
Generating Connection!

         Naomi Irving


We have provided services for:

Cedars Cobblehill Treatment Centre
Royal Roads University
The Haven on Gabriola
Haven Society
Supportive Apartment Living
Nanaimo Family Life Association
BC Association of Clinical Counsellors     
Clearview Detox
Vancouver Island University
BC Hydro
EFW Canada

Harmonious Horsemanship
Discovery Child and Youth Substance 
    Abuse Services


Ministry of Child and Family Development 
MCFD Autism
Beau Cote Treatment Centre
Willaway Farms
Community Living BC
Mary's Therapeutic Farm
Nanaimo Christian School
Vancouver Island Vocational Rehabilitation Services
Kwumut Lelum Child & Family Services
Comox Valley Therapeutic Riding
Self Design
Highland Gate Wellness




Generation Farms
by More Living

People and horses have been connected in relationship for thousands of years. In legend and myth, war, work, and ceremony the bond between human and equine is magic. Trained and trusted horses or ponies can bring confidence, smiles, and laughter, as well as tangible therapeutic results. The people at Generation Farms know first hand the kind of pleasure and joy a guided equine experience can bring to one's life.

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Saying 'neigh' to traditional therapy
By Melissa Korn, Columbia News Service

Jay decided regular psychotherapy wasn't working when eight years of sitting on a therapist's couch left him with only one insight: He was tired of sitting on a therapist's couch.

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Healing on the hoof: Horses as therapist

"Equine-facilitated psychotherapy" a lifesaver or a "gimmick," depending on whom you ask. by Katherine Dedyna - Times Colonist staff. Also appeared in the National Post titled 'Putting the Heart Before the Horse'.

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