History of Generation Farms

Generation Farms was founded and is owned by Deborah Marshall . In 2000, Deborah and her daughter Emily Pelletier began to explore the emerging field of Equine AssistedPsychotherapy. Both experienced horse owners, the power of the horse was something they understood intuitively.

The purchase of the East Wellington Generation Farms property, with the generous assistance of Robert Biss (father and grandfather) was the realization of a dream. It was a place for their horses to thrive where they can work to improve people's lives through their connection with horses. Deborah and Emily hold common beliefs about what horses offer to people, and the quality of life horses deserve to enjoy. This has been the impetus behind creating Generation Farms. Four generations of their family have come together to generate this dream. 

Generation Farms has matured into a close knit and thriving community of professionals and supporters. Well respected throughout Vancouver Island for client programs and nationally for professional training, it continues to refine and develop. The addition of Kate Burns MSW RSW as our nature specialist expanded the awareness of all involved. She has made a lasting contribution.

Deborah is also the founder and principal of the Counselling practice of Marshall and Associates in Nanaimo. Started in 1988, it continues to be a thriving practice with four skilled counsellors. Deborah has integrated these businesses to provide rich and innovative possibilities for people to heal and thrive in their lives.

In early 2016 Generation Farms moved to the Yellow Point area just south of Nanaimo. This beautiful new facility allows for more programs and connection to nature. Generation Farms outgrew the East Wellington facility but it holds many fond memories and was the place of wonderful growth and experiences.  

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